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MA in Conflict Transformation

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Dr. John Ungerleider


Immigrants that settled in a dominant new culture face challenges during the process of acculturation. Though minority culture is always at the disadvantaged end of acculturation in most cases, most research done on acculturation in the West mostly focused on the impact of immigrants on their societies, or on ways of strengthening integration in the host countries. As this continues, the dominant culture role and importance of the majority culture is what influence most narratives and not much is seeing from the minority culture. Most research on acculturation in the United States, for example, placed more emphasis on the Hispanic or Asian communities with less attention on the African community despite the massive wave of African immigrants in the US and the impact they are making on their US host communities.

As Liberians formed part of the African narrative, there was a need to know through a case study, to what extent acculturation is impacting Liberian immigrants, especially the youth population, and what the Liberian community in the United States is doing to minimize its effect. More to the impact of acculturation on Liberian immigrant, the research explored the unique way of life of Liberians and how Liberian immigrants are making an impact in their host communities as well. Philadelphia is the context for this study because of its host to the largest population of Liberian immigrant in the United States. The research considered the role being played by two of the many Liberian community organizations in Philadelphia and to what extent their work is impacting the community. The research conducted series of interviews to listen to personal stories, accompanied by a survey to gather Liberians perspective of how these organizations are impacting the lives of the immigrants. The findings are interesting as revealed in this paper.


African Studies | Civic and Community Engagement | Communication | Community-Based Research | Counseling | Family, Life Course, and Society | Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Ethnicity in Communication | International and Area Studies | International and Intercultural Communication | Interpersonal and Small Group Communication | Place and Environment | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social Statistics


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