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MA in International Education

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Peter Simpson


The following paper presents an analysis of internationalization on the University of Washington (UW) campus. The UW attracts students from all over the world each year while also sending students abroad for a quarter or two. The goals and purpose of gaining an international education, however, are not clear. As a result, key stakeholders are often left out of conversations surrounding international education because of a lack of communication and no centralized purpose. These ideas led to a series of research questions including: Should the UW have an official statement on internationalization and international education? What is the current state of internationalization and international education on campus? How do the stakeholders work together in this current state?

The research, conducted through interviews with UW staff members, led to a few findings and conclusions. Individuals were supportive of the UW putting out some sort of official statement on international education and internationalization. They saw the lack of a formal policy as a hindrance on international education because it led to miscommunications and a lack of a unified purpose. The UW already has internationalization efforts but they need to officially embrace and acknowledge the concept in order for there to be unification. The leadership at the University must develop clear goals and objectives and work with individuals at every level to formulate a plan for internationalization that encompasses all facets of the school. The implication of this research is that vagueness surrounding internationalization and international education at a University harms the success of these. Transparency is key along with ensuring that all stakeholders be present and engaged. The findings can especially pertain to larger universities to serve as a model for what can happen when there is less communication across departments.


Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Methods | Higher Education Administration | International and Comparative Education | Other Educational Administration and Supervision


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