The following case study is a description of the process of designing and implementing a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system at proVISION ASIA (pA), a disability service provider in Bangalore, India. The study presents a work in progress, as the design and implementation of the system are still being adjusted and will take several more months to finalize. Using participatory evaluation as a model, the M&E system attempted to increase the level of participation of stakeholders. For that reason, the progression has taken longer than a traditional evaluation model. Further, since the staff of pA was new to M&E processes, I utilized many planned approaches to evaluate some aspects of the organization myself.

In the case of pA, we have engaged in experience, reflection, interpretation, and implementation over the last seven months. What follows is a description of the activities involved in this process, the learning generated thus far, and the design plans for the future. Finally, I reflect on the entire M&E process in an effort to interpret and analyze the initiative and to present lessons learned for the organization and other organizations or practitioners seeking to implement a similar process for a small client-based program.


Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods | Organizational Behavior and Theory