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MA in International Education

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Karla Giuliano Sarr


A Cappella Bridge is a short-term, non-credit, arts-based exchange program for collegiate a cappella groups from the United States. This program proposal is the result of an extensive needs analysis that includes interviews with Education Abroad professionals and the founder of the Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA), a national nonprofit organization representing nearly 3,000 a cappella groups in the United States. The program’s design is meant to address a profound need for more reciprocal arts-based exchange programs open to highly skilled amateur artists and musicians. With a firm grounding in experiential learning and the seven-continuum transmission model for music education (Schippers, 2005), the theoretical foundations grounding A Cappella Bridge move this program far beyond a traditional international tour. This proposal lays out the design for a pilot trip to the Dominican Republic and identifies the DREAM Project, an internationally recognized nonprofit organization committed to education and the arts, as the program’s in-country sponsor.


Art Education | International and Comparative Education | Music Education | Music Performance | Other Languages, Societies, and Cultures


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