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MA in International Education

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Peter Simpson


For earth science students, a field camp is the culmination of years of dedicated study: an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they have gleaned in the classroom, to develop personally and professionally, and to travel with intention. Although short-term, these programs are nevertheless impactful and academically demanding. They require students to synthesize and employ the entirety of their scientific knowledge as well as collaborate with a team to achieve their learning goals.

Their experiential nature makes field camps the perfect opportunity for earth sciences students - who may, due to the nature of their curricula, be excluded from an international experience - to study abroad. When completed outside the United States, a field camp can cultivate participants’ intercultural capacity in addition to their scientific abilities, allowing them to better respond to the demands of an increasingly globalized world.

The following is a program design proposal for the Earth Sciences Field Camp at the Umbra Institute, a third-party study abroad provider in Perugia, Italy, for students at Ohio Wesleyan University’s Department of Geology and Geography. The Earth Sciences Field Camp is a six-week, faculty-led program focused on developing students’ comprehension of geology, volcanology, and oceanography in an environment where their cross-cultural sensitivity and self-awareness can thrive.


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Methods | International and Comparative Education | Secondary Education


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