Embargo Period


Degree Name

MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

First Advisor

John Ungerleider


Social Identity matters when providing intercultural service to youth, because our identity is a construct, and idea of who we are as individuals. We further use our social identities to influence our human behaviors, of self-concept, and social identity. Furthermore, working with youth, and not being aware of the rooted history can be disturbing, specifically, because it reveals your own values, goals, preferences, and personalities. Research pertaining to social identity is still current. There is no surprise that what we learn about ourselves is important, and necessary, prior to leading others. Especially, when working with youth committing to social groups, and determining self worth.

This research will illustrate how social identity and Intercultural Service, influences youth, and will incorporate many types of learning experiences from myself, and interviewed participants, to help identify overlooked advantages, or disadvantages of social identities in various communities. The research was conducted over a two year span, of observation, and hands on experience, and two weeks of interviews. Participants were completed their participants via interview questionnaire response, in order to get insights to their experience of social identity, and working within communities that they do, or do not identify with.


African Languages and Societies | American Studies | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Leadership | Language and Literacy Education | Nonprofit Administration and Management