Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Dr. Bruce Dayton


This Course Linked Capstone (CLC) paper is focused on the development of a monitoring and impact evaluation (M&IE) plan for a program of Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA). The program is titled IRUSA Refugee Service (IRRS). My analysis was based on M&E best practices laid out in a prominent textbook, RealWorld Evaluation, by Bamberger, M., Rugh, J., & Mabry, L. (2011). After initial analysis, I realized the program lacks a logical framework, a logic model, and an M&IE plan. I developed these components for the program. In addition, I navigated the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) constraints of the IRUSA, and the challenges of the IRRS program, and made recommendations. I utilized document analysis, observation, and interview methods for my research. After the data collection, analysis, and data interpretation, I found that IRUSA faces budget and data constraints. The data constraint is mostly because of the low technical capacity of the IRUSA grantees in project design and the M&E. Homogeneity of the program recipients, bureaucratic procedures, insufficient staff, and lack of a fixed office and a proper reporting mechanism are the major challenges of the IRRS program in North Carolina. I proposed recommendations for the challenges, too. The quality counseling and the reskilling and rental assistance are compelling supports to the refugee families. The findings of the latest evaluation corroborated my findings and indicated the positive impact of the program on the integration and self-sufficiency of the refugee families. I am pleased to be part of the program expansion and improvement.


Organization Development


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