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Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Ray Young

Second Advisor

Lynee Connelly


Outlander Abroad is a new summer, faculty-led study abroad program created specifically for the University of North Georgia and its students. It is the goal of Outlander Abroad to have ten student participants travel to Scotland, U.K. for the pilot term of Summer 2020. Outlander Abroad will focus on the history and culture of Scotland with a special emphasis on the history of Scottish warfare and its effect on society. The use of the popular, fiction series Outlanderwill be used as a case study and set the landscape both literally and figuratively for participants. Participants will need to have Sophomore credit standing at the time of program departure and a minimum GPA of 2.5. All students will be considered but a preference will be given to International Affairs, Strategic and Security Studies, and English majors.

The primary goal of Outlander Abroad is to provide a holistic, multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural experience abroad while gaining academic credit towards graduation. Participants will obtain these goals by participating in various faculty and student led lectures both in and out of the classroom, by attending various excursions and activities throughout Scotland, and partaking in various cultural and community immersion activities. Excursions and activities will directly integrate what participants are reading in the Outlander books and be presented in various methods in order to meet all participants’ learning needs and interests.

To ensure accessibility and feasibility, Outlander Abroad was designed to directly fall into the plans of studies for the above mentioned majors and be as cost effective as possible. The curriculum chosen for Outlander Abroad and the practicality of the logistics were intentional to keep costs at a minimum while providing participants with the greatest exposure to Scotland and all that it has to offer while obtaining the required credits abroad to graduate.


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