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MA in Climate Change and Global Sustainability

First Advisor

Nuette Gordon, PhD

Second Advisor

Richard Walz, PhD


In Seychelles, tourism is a vital part of the country’s overall economy. Increasingly, sustainable tourism is essential to conserve environments and wildlife, meet the needs of local communities and the state, and ensure the longevity of high-quality experiences for international visitors to the country. This project assesses sustainability of avitourism on Curieuse Island. The Seychelles has many endemic and pelagic birds that draw tourists from around the world, including the Seychelles Black Parrot, Seychelles Magpie Robin, and Seychelles Flycatcher. This is a mixed methods research project that entails bird biodiversity surveys, examination of birding databases, and personal observations. This study identified a rat infestation, other invasive flora and fauna, and sea level rise on Curieuse Island as factors that impact the draw of avitourists.


Environmental Policy | Nature and Society Relations | Physical and Environmental Geography | Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration | Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology | Tourism

Available for download on Saturday, August 09, 2025

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