Embargo Period


Degree Name

MA in Diplomacy and International Relations

First Advisor

Bruce Dayton


As China gains power and projects itself across the globe, the struggle to control perception of this new power grows. The majority of current literature regarding Diplomacy and International relations pertaining to the Belt and Road Initiative, specifically the maritime route in Kenya is written from either a Western or a Chinese perspective. The existing literature primarily focuses on the effects of MSR infrastructural projects in Kenya and China’s role not only in Kenya but also in the rest of Africa. This research attempts to better understand the effects of China’s role in Kenya, and if China provides a better business partner for Kenya rather than the West as was previously the case. This research strives to evade Chinese and Western attempts of persuasion concerning the issue, rather focusing on the effects of already realized Maritime route infrastructural projects and how they have affected Kenya. This paper finds that although Chinese infrastructural projects do present issues, it is too early to say if these projects are as detrimental as some say and requires further study.