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MA in Diplomacy and International Relations

First Advisor

Bruce Dayton


The research focuses on gaining the perspective and experience of students attaining a master’s degree abroad. The overall study is to answer the following questions: 1) What is the reasoning behind gaining a master’s degree abroad? 2) What kind of impact does a master’s degree have on the identity of students? 3) How might a master’s abroad experience aid international relations? Among the key findings, specifically, students’ main incentives ranged from career development in wanting to advance career objectives or real-world experiences of living and adapting to a new cultural environment. Following identity transformation, students experienced self-growth or discovered new identity traits and passions they did not know existed. Then finally, the significant importance of a master’s abroad aids international relations, preparing students’ skillsets through diplomatic practices to be prepared in international relations or foreign affairs work. Overall, this study represents the vital importance of masters abroad to graduate students who are on their way to making a global impact in one way or another.


Arts and Humanities | Education | Educational Methods | International and Area Studies | International Relations | Organization Development | Political Science

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