The following paper is the documentation of the research, analysis and findings of the professional practicum experience with Caritas-DSM and the implementation of the MLDPP strategy on Mafia Island Tanzania. The research was conducted over the course of eight months and compiled over the course of three months in 2006-2007. The paper lays out a M&E system designed for the MLDPP strategy on Mafia Island. The system intentionally puts expressed control into the hands of the primary stakeholders in order to plan, implement, measure impact, learn and mange change. The system strives to bridge the gap between development organizations, practitioners and the primary stakeholders. The gap is bridged by using the M&E system to feed management information systems which are used to make managerial decisions as to effectively and efficiently implement initiatives and achieve the goals and aspirations of the community and organization.

The research followed the cohort model of learning by comparing theory, practice and analysis within professional practicum with dialogue from different projects from around the globe. The dialogue was facilitated by email correspondence, interviews, and questionnaires, where qualitative and quantitative data was gathered. The recommend methods have been tested and revised in the field, as to provide implementers with effective participatory techniques of information gathering. Specifically the paper is designed to contribute applicable knowledge to the discourse of participatory project development in the field of sustainable development and the efforts in poverty reduction in Tanzania.


International and Area Studies