This study sets out to demonstrate that through their experiences of living and working in a different culture, international assignees are developing the leadership skills necessary for today's global organizations. The question to be asked throughout this research is "Does organizational support throughout the international assignment affect the integration of these leadership skills upon repatriation?" The data for this study was collected utilizing written survey questionnaires either by phone in interview fashion or completed independently by the assignee. Surveys were sent to ten repatriated assignees who had returned from an international posting within the last two years and who were on assignment for at least two consecutive years. The survey was designed to learn if leadership skills were gained as a result of the international assignment experience and to what extent were each of the participants supported by the home office while on assignment. This was approached by asking which leadership skills the assignees felt they exhibited prior to their assignment, which were the most and least affective during their assignment, and which skills did they feel were gained as a result of their assignment. The responses given do provide an indication that global leadership skills are being gained as a result of the international assignment experience, but that not enough attention is being paid to how these new skills are integrated upon repatriation. I am hopeful that as more research becomes available on the benefits of international assignment postings more emphasis will be placed on the value of this experience as a strategic way to develop global leaders.