This paper is focused on the important issues of local participation in development initiatives. Using the example of a World Bank-funded development project in Vietnam, this capstone will (1) briefly discuss the project and its overall M&E process; (2) discuss the means by which levels of local participation were monitored (and through which low levels of participation were addressed by the program as a whole), and (3) discuss in detail, specific ways in which local participation in planning was actively carried out through each part of the program that influenced multilevel M&E systems in the Sonla Northern Mountain Poverty Reduction Project. Through fieldtrips, interviews, and discussion with participants, I was able to understand how the monitoring and evaluation system was conducted and the manner in which local population groups participated. There was some level of participation in planning, in the selection of indicators, in data collection, and in taking corrective actions. Additionally, participants not actively involved in these activities often reported implementation problems or inequities to senior project management.

The research found that multilevel participation in the M&E process by local beneficiaries of the Sonla NMPRP not only enhanced the democratic process from grass roots level up, but also enhanced project management and long term capacity building.


Economics | Growth and Development