Perceptions of The Other: Creating a Community of Inclusion At a Christian Liberal Arts College


In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected and yet at the same time more polarized (i.e. rich and poor, north and south, Muslim and Christian, etc.) and conflict centered, it is becoming inherently important that individuals have a clear understanding of how to live, interact, and communicate with those of diverse viewpoints and lifestyles. This capstone paper argues that within the context of a Christian liberal arts college, communities of inclusion should be fostered and encouraged so that young people seeking to become world citizens are prepared to step forth into the world.

Research conducted via interviews and surveys focused on answering the following question: How can the other be integrated into the college campus to create a community of inclusion? Participants were questioned about their perceptions of who the other is on campus, how they encounter the other, and why they believe it is crucial to include the voice of the other in all aspects of campus life. The results overwhelmingly favored a more inclusive environment at the college, in which perceptions and stereotypes of the other would be addressed and broken down.

The findings of this research seek to encourage the college to listen to the voices of those interviewed and surveyed and acknowledge and implement strategies for creating a community of inclusion at a Christian liberal arts college. The findings also demonstrate the extreme importance of breaking down the barriers and walls that separate us from the other in order to overcome conflict, reduce fear and bring an understanding of a shared humanity into the world.


Higher Education Administration | International and Comparative Education | Religion | Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education

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