An Assessment Design for the Peking University – Yale University


Identified by Newsweek (2006) as the third most global university in the world, Yale University has made astonishing progress towards internationalizing its campus in just the past few years. Efforts to enhance international opportunities for its students include expanded programming and increased financial support. In 2005, administrators presented a new internationalization plan for the university. This strategic plan recommended that Yale utilize its strengths in China to create a study abroad program for its undergraduates at Peking University in Beijing.

The Yale University – Peking University Joint Undergraduate Program (The Joint Program) was created in 2005 and is administered by the Office of International Education and Fellowship Programs (IEFP). The first students were admitted in the Fall of 2006. The program will initially operate for a trial period of three years. As a new program with low enrollment numbers, it is critical that administrators engage in a formal assessment and evaluation of the Joint Program.

This course-linked capstone will present both an assessment design and student research findings to assist Yale in the overall evaluation of its program. The design will begin by re-examining the Joint Program’s goals and by presenting a methodology for assessing the degree to which these goals are being met. Second, through a series of surveys developed and distributed to the first group of students ever to participate, research findings on Yale student perceptions of the program will be reviewed. Finally, recommendations for future action based on this assessment data will include a summative institutional self-study.


International and Comparative Education

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