Making a Difference while Making Money: Building a Balanced Social Enterprise at World Learning For Business


“Making a difference while making money” is the ultimate state of success for any organization. In today’s world, more and more companies in the private sector realize that business is not just about making a profit. At the same time, more and more non-profit organizations become aware that they need to first know how to help themselves if they want to help the world. “Building social enterprise for nonprofit,” “social entrepreneurs,” and “corporate social responsibility” are new buzzwords used in both the nonprofit and the corporate world. More and more managers today believe a successful organization is one that fulfills both its financial and social missions.

This research explores the challenges for an organization in achieving both its social and financial missions through the lenses of the venture income unit of a non-profit organization: World Learning for Business (WLfB).

This research is based on qualitative data gathered through interviews with WLfB’s key managers and staff. The data analysis demonstrates how WLfB strives to achieve its social and financial mission and the challenges it encounters during the process. I believe being aware of these challenges helps WLfB to reflect on the path it has taken while placing itself in a more advantageous strategic position for the future. Despite the inevitable conflicts between the social and financial missions of an organization, this research seeks ways to ensure an organization’s by having both missions dance in harmony.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations

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