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This paper presents a study aimed at finding a flexible approach to teaching that is responsive to learner needs and preferences whilst at the same time utilizing communicative language teaching and form-focused instruction. In other words, the author aims to find a balance between CLT (learner centered approaches) advocated by many trainers and teachers in Uzbekistan and the Grammar Translation method (teacher centered approaches) that has been widely practiced as well. The author’s primary purpose is to find an approach which is centered principally on learning rather than on the teacher or the learner. The author maintains that teaching is a complex process which is neither imposed by the teacher the way things were handled by the Grammar Translation approach nor fully left to learners as in CLT. Teaching should be based primarily on learners’ needs and should involve continuous assessment of how it serves learning. The author also advocates judicious use of teacher talk, often dismissed by CLT supporters. She considers it as a valuable source of linguistic input, particularly in EFL situations.


Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | First and Second Language Acquisition