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“O.Henry’s American Scenes” is a Ladder Edition book at the 1,000-word level published by the English Language Programs Division in Washington D.C. The Ladder Series of books are specially prepared editions of well-known American books. They have been shortened and simplified to use for ESL and EFL students. Though the stories have been shortened, they remain enjoyable and engaging to read. The author uses these stories in her classes at Baki State University.

This thesis shows how the teachers of ESL and EFL can use these stories as an effective teaching tool in their classes. Included are 7 stories taken from the book “O.Henry’s American Scenes” with accompanying exercises.

The introduction gives the readers a detailed procedure for using these activities in the classroom. The last part will acquaint the readers with students’ reactions to reading and working with O.Henry’s stories.


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Curriculum and Instruction