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How is it to teach English in South Korea? What are the students like? How are the schools? What kind of education system do they have? How proficient are Korean students when speaking English? What types of learning styles do they have? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How can a new teacher prepare her/himself best for an English teaching position at a school or university in South Korea? Where is the best place to teach? What methods and strategies work best in the South Korean EFL classroom? Based on my experience of teaching English for thirteen years in the Land of the Morning Calm, this classroom research project offers new and future teachers some preliminary answers to the above questions. This information is crucial for those colleagues to be able to make a smooth transition from newcomer to veteran teacher. The following pages describe one woman's professional journey to find the best ways to create a comfort zone in her university classroom. Introduced the very first day of the semester, such an environment can enable students to feel so good about themselves, that they can improve their English language skills, playfully and with a positive attitude, minus the fear of losing face even before more advanced peers and/or native speaker teachers.


First and Second Language Acquisition | International and Comparative Education