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The author explores the relationship between learning and trusting in four different contexts. In all four contexts the principles of Counseling-Learning and Community Language Learning are seen at work. In the first part of the paper the philosophy of Counseling- Learning is set forth. In the next part, a workshop in Counseling-Learning and Community Lanuage Learning is described. In this section, the five stages of language learning as advanced by father Curran are described, and an informal paper by Earl Stevick on "Two Ways of Teaching" is appended. In the next part, the author's use of CLL in ESL classes in Medellin, Colombia is described. Included is a tapescript of several of the sessions. Next, the author describes her teaching situation with four young Southeast Asian children. In the final part the author re-examines a previous teaching experience in an inner-city school in New York City and sees its successes as an example of the application of the principles of Counseling-Learning.


Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching | Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | First and Second Language Acquisition | Teacher Education and Professional Development