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My project consists of forty-five paintings, twenty-five postcard-size prints, twenty slides, three postcard-size photographs and thirty poems, each representing one or more of ten themes chosen as a basis for teaching about United States culture. These ten themes signify dominant concerns of Twentieth Century America and are arranged, in the following pages, with those works pertinent to the particular theme. This approach to culture is intended for use in an advanced ESL class, its purpose being to increase awareness of and promote discussions about our culture. Inscluded also are: a brief rationale for the project, a list of the criteria used in selecting the Art and Poetry, a definition of each theme and an explanation of how particular works fit with the theme, two study guides-one, a general method for analyzing any poem and painting, a second more specified guide concentrating on a single theme - and lastly, reference lists of all the material gathered, divided according to Poetry, Prints and Slides and stating the title, artist and year of each work.


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