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Alphablanks was developed as an aid for teaching reading by Rosalie R. Saul. It has been used chiefly in teaching children to read in their native language, especially in the field of learning disabilities. We wanted to expand its use into the ESL classroom. But we also wanted to present a rationale for using Alphablanks, to research the field of reading and how we go about learning to read, in order to find out exactly what areas of reading Alphablanks would help. Thus this paper is divided into two main parts: a summary of current research into reading, interpreting this research with respect to what is happening when we try to read; and a section relating these concepts to the use of Alphablanks. This second section will explain what we think is going on when Alphablanks is being used. At the end of the second part will be a series of activities specifically related to ESL. Many of these activities can be applied in teaching reading as a first language as well, and can also be adapted to use in teaching reading in other languages using Roman alphabet.


Education | First and Second Language Acquisition | Pre-Elementary, Early Childhood, Kindergarten Teacher Education | Teacher Education and Professional Development