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Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)


Content based courses have been shown to provide an effective environment for second language acquisition (Snow, Met and Genesee 1989). In this content based course students learn how to make a website in 48 hours of class time. In doing so, they improve their English in the skill areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking for an authentic need (Sterns 1990). Learners are motivated and enthusiastic about their projects, leading to more success in language acquisition (Gardner 1985). They are given an opportunity to express themselves creatively and artistically using the target language. Graduates leave with a published portfolio that can be accessed world-wide that they can and do continue to build.

This project includes a course manual that supplements the web building course. The manual covers all stages of web development from basic HTML, good website design and usability, storyboarding, using Macromedia Dreamweaver to build the site and Adobe Photoshop to edit and optimize images. It also addresses search engine optimization and registration, and web site maintenance issues. It includes step-by-step documentation with screenshots, chapter reviews and exercises, as well as a glossary and tips for teachers. This manual is supported by


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