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This report deals with the trials and tribulations that two Peace Corps Volunteers went through while setting up a bilingual library in Kunduz, Afghanistan. There is a discussion on why a library was needed and how it came about. It is not a manual for setting up bilingual libraries in foreign countries. It deals only with one specific case.

There is a discussion of the cultural conflicts that arose and some suggestions how they might have been avoided. Most of them arose from communication failures resulting from culturally-based misunderstandings.

One of the major problems that arose and is discussed in this paper is the problem of finding a qualified librarian. There was a cultural disagreement as to what the role of the librarian should be. According to the Afghan system, the librarian is unimportant. According to the volunteers' point of view, the librarian was critical to the success of the project. This problem was resolved in favor of the Americans.

Included at the end of this report is a list of resources for libraries overseas. There is also a diagram of the hierarchy of the school district and a diagram of the library.

The library is presently in existence and doing quite well.


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