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Elon University

Publication Date

Fall 2012

Program Name

Samoa: Pacific Communities and Social Change


This research investigates the role of the print media in Samoa by identifying several elements that affect peoples’ perception of the industry. The paper examines how the changes in Samoa’s society have influenced the industry, evaluates the impact of culture and considers the issue of press freedom. It looks into the need for stronger investigative reporting and the lack of enthusiasm in young people to pursue journalism as a profession. It concludes by providing insight into the future of print media in Samoa. The research draws upon personal interviews as well as print and online secondary sources. Surveys were also distributed to gather the opinions and perspectives of everyday Samoans. It was found that while the industry has a significant impact on society, the people and their way of life greatly influence the newspaper as well. Print media has come a long way since its beginnings, but further education of both the journalists and the public is needed to ensure its survival.


Civic and Community Engagement | Communication | Communication Technology and New Media | Journalism Studies