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Humboldt State University

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Spring 2013

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Mongolia: Geopolitics and the Environment


Community based tree planting projects are abundant in Mongolia and have become a popular form of social movement towards promoting a healthy environment. With so many different varieties of tree planting projects in Mongolia, it is necessary to evaluate how well the different forms of Community-based tree planting projects function. The first research question created to access said Community projects is, are Community based tree planting projects environmentally sustainable? And the second, are Community-based tree planting projects in Mongolia sustainable from an organizational standpoint? To answer these questions interviews, surveys and case studies were given in the three study sites of Ulaanbaatar, Dornogovi aimag, and Uvurkhangai aimag.

The results of the study showed that water resources and sustainable support in the forms of volunteers and funding were the largest sustainability problems faced by Community based tree-planting projects as a whole. In conclusion a ideal model for future Community based tree-planting projects was made. The model identifies five key steps that are recommended as the best approaches for creating a project based on observed success of the case studies. The ideal model goes as follows: 1) Use of local volunteers or schools, 2) Raise Environmental Awareness, Education, and Appreciation of Nature 3)Advertise 4)Create events, and 5) Offer Benefits.


Civic and Community Engagement | Community-Based Learning | Community-Based Research | Other Forestry and Forest Sciences


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