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University of Richmond

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Spring 2016

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Switzerland: Global Health and Development Policy


This study was conducted in order to understand the relationship between religion and promotion of health systems within Muslim countries. The religion in focus is Sunni Islam. Notably, religion is also inexplicably tied to tradition and culture within a country; this is a key fact to be understood. In addition, all countries in focus, MENA countries, do not have a separation of religion and state. Therefore, there is also a political component to religion, which is also imperative to understand when implementing and improving health systems within the countries in question. When further developing health systems in MENA countries religion and religious practices and beliefs must be taken into account in order for any improvement to be positive and sustainable. This study attempts at utilizing Islamic texts such as the Quran and Sunnah as sources of uncontestable answers to health problems and in doing so employing religious leaders as future spokespersons within their communities for increased positive health promotion.


Islamic Studies | Political Science | Public Health Education and Promotion



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