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University of Richmond

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Spring 2016

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Samoa: Pacific Communities and Social Change


With increased access to foreign markets, Samoa has become more dependent on food imports. Most of these products are packaged and preserved, and often lack nutritional benefits. Women in Business, a local organization, has developed a Farm to Table program to encourage buying local. The effectiveness of the program has not yet been determined, and this project seeks to gauge restaurant owners’ satisfaction with local food, as well as the challenges they face when buying local. Surveys were distributed to 53 restaurants in Apia, Samoa, at the consent of the restaurant managers, and eight surveys were conducted with various players in the local food system. Results were compared and analyzed, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The results of analyses show that restaurants source a good deal of food locally, often because of low price, freshness, and authyenticity [sic]. Challenges of consistency and quality remain an issue for locally-sourced food.


Community-Based Research | Food Security


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