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St. Michael's College

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Spring 2017

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Samoa: Pacific Communities and Social Change


Around the world historically special needs persons were not always recognized as equals. Physical activity has multiple benefits physically and mentally to promote personal growth. This study examined the implementation of physical activity energizers to enhance class-based learning. The Aoga Fiamalamalama School for the intellectually handicapped was the site for this study which examined programs implemented in the organization to help Samoans with special needs. This research was based around observations and analysis of the energizers and the effects of these activities on approximately 27 students’ active learning in the classroom setting and the feedback from administration and staff. Six (6) physical activity energizers were implemented to increase class participation overall throughout six (6) school days. The physical activity energizers were Morning Warm Up, Wiggles, Memory Lane, “The 12 Days of Fitness”, Red light, Green light, and the Name and Action Game. Analysis reveals PA energizers did increase class participation overall throughout the school day.


Education | Health and Physical Education | International and Area Studies | Special Education and Teaching


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