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Vanderbilt University

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Fall 2017

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Switzerland: International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy


The objective of this analysis is to reveal the geopolitical and geoeconomic significance of the China – Pakistan Economic Corridor of the Belt and Road Initiative to its major stakeholders; Pakistan and China. In 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping unveiled one of the most ambitious international infrastructure plans in modern history. The plan, in its earliest stages, is currently underway with its first portion, the China – Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Through careful preliminary analysis of the greater Belt and Road Initiative, the China – Pakistan Economic Corridor, and history of Sino-Pak relations, the motivations of the collaborating nations are then manifested. This report examines a variety of geopolitical and geoeconomic subject matter; including domestic security, resource management, economic development, and inter state of both Pakistan and China. In order to capture the myriad of interests and complexity of the CPEC, four expert interviews are included in this report that captures the breadth of perspective surrounding the Belt and Road Initiative.


Asian Studies | Civil and Environmental Engineering | Economic Policy | Growth and Development | Infrastructure | International Business | International Relations | Transportation


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