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Grinnell College

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Spring 2019

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Morocco: Migration and Transnational Identity


North-South migration is growing trend; however, this type of migration is overlooked in the literature because it is not viewed as urgent or negative. Migrants from the global North are associated with wealth, and are referred to by the term expatriate, which distinguishes them from migrants, placing them in a more positive light. In Morocco, there is a growing community of Europeans. Among them, the French community stands out as one of the largest migrant groups in Morocco. Their presence is an interesting one, as they have a shared history with Morocco and a common language in Morocco, in theory facilitating their integration. This study aims to find out whether the French in Morocco view themselves as migrants or expatriates and their perceived integration in Morocco. 14 interviews, informal group conversations and visits to French Institutions in Morocco were conducted with French citizens. Overall, members of the French community do not identify as migrants, associating the term with negative connotations. Despite having a shared language with Moroccans, they do not view themselves as integrated because their lack of knowledge in Arabic.


French and Francophone Language and Literature | International and Intercultural Communication | Migration Studies | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Sociology of Culture


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