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Rice University

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Fall 2019

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Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights


Approximately one in four families in Morocco are affected by disability. Of those affected by disability, many are in vulnerable situations, because there is an explicit linkage between having a disability and likelihood of experiencing poverty. The primary reasons for this phenomenon include lack of access to education, employment and health care. Following the Arab Spring, the Moroccan government implemented Article 166 which explicitly banned workplace discrimination against people with disabilities (PWD); however, only 13% of those affected by disability of working age can find employment. In this paper, I investigate the obstacles PWD face that prevent them from accessing the labor market and give insight as to where future in-depth research should be focused. The stigma that infiltrates every aspect of public and private life concerning PWD has led to flawed infrastructures, ineffective policies and public ambivalence that continues to limit their accessibility to basic rights and freedoms that would enable them to use their skills in the labor force.


African Studies | Arabic Studies | Disability Law | Disability Studies | Inequality and Stratification | Labor and Employment Law | Politics and Social Change | Social Policy


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