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Denison University

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Spring 2020

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Iceland: Climate Change and The Arctic


Bee species all over the world are declining at concerning rates. However, it is good to see the public rallying behind the “save the bees!” movement even though most efforts from this movement have been on the conservation of the European honeybees. This is because most people often associate the honeybee, which is only one of 20,000 known bee species in the world, to all other bees. Therefore, conservation efforts should be broadened and aimed towards the many native bee species that can be found locally in North America. In the state of Michigan, there are over 450 species, and conservation for these species is most effectively catalyzed by education and outreach, which can bring awareness to these native bee species. What resulted from these concerns over native bees is the creation of a pollinator garden intended for education of native bees at Albion College’s Whitehouse Nature Center in Albion, Michigan.


Climate | Entomology | Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Studies | Place and Environment


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