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Washington and Lee University

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Fall 2021

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Portugal: Sustainability and Environmental Justice


The impacts of forest fires are growing as climate change creates more frequent ideal temperature conditions for extreme wildfires. With the devastating fires it experienced in 2017, Portugal stands as an example of the impacts of dangerous wildfires and is working on developing a plan to protect its country from this rising threat. Important in the plan development is the opinion of the many stakeholders involved and the public whom the fires impact. Using an interview and survey approach, this study gathers public and stakeholder opinion on the forest and fire management policy in Portugal to understand what issues in the policy need to be addressed. Results show that both the public and stakeholders feel that the issue of rural abandonment in combination with small private landowners are the most pressing issues that need to be addressed to allow for the proper forest management that will protect Portugal from the impacts of wildfires.


Climate | Environmental Health and Protection | European Languages and Societies | Fire Science and Firefighting | Forest Management | Rural Sociology | Social and Cultural Anthropology


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