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St. Michael's College

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Spring 2006

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Fiji: Multiculturalism and Social Change


This paper is an attempt to research various Catholic community service programs in and around the Suva area of Fiji. I visited various Churches, religious orders, and Catholic organizations in the hopes to learn about their actions, and how their services affect the community and alleviate poverty. In the beginning of this paper, I stressed the religiosity of Fiji, and how many people are devoted to their faith, but only through ‘individual piety,’ consisting of prayer, reading the bible, and mass attendance. I speak of the role of the Catholic Church and its commitment to service via Catholic Social Teaching, a practice developed after the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II.)

I speak of Community Service and the theories and paradigms within. I applied every service organization into different paradigms and made an attempt to explain why each fit in a particular paradigm.

I wished to and discover the initial problems of poverty, and discovered that there are a number of reasons why people live the way they live. My concluding remarks stress the need for the Catholic citizens of Fiji to become more active, to lend a helping hand and to be aware of the services the Catholic Church provides to the community.


Social Welfare


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