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Denison University

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Spring 2023

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Australia: Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology


News media plays an instrumental role in shaping opinions and perceptions on climate change due to it being such a wide-reaching institution. The discourses of news media are able to use frames to determine the discursive context in which a concept or issue is discussed by promoting a central theme or message. This study aims to use critical discourse analysis to determine how climate change is framed in news media, and how these frames depict the forms and scope of possible climate action. The study also analyzes if these forms of action are predominantly anthropocentric in nature. Critical discourse analysis entails looking at how the use of linguistic elements can structure meanings and relations to larger structures or institutions and, for the purposes of this study, how news media constructs these relationships.


Climate | Journalism Studies | Mass Communication | Politics and Social Change | Social Influence and Political Communication


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