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Macalester College

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Fall 2005

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Chile: Economic Development and Globalization


Street artists in the greater Santiago area are the product of a high unemployment rate and a history of street music in the city. Street artists can be found in every part of Santiago, from the shopping centers to the tranquil parks. Santiago’s street artists vary in age, talent, and future plans. However, these street artists confront many similar risks, such as the threat of detention, other street vendors, or the spectators themselves. While street art as a long-term job is a possibility, there is not a lot of room to save money for the future. Street art lacks support from the upper class of Santiago, who have the most disposable income to give to the artists. Before the situation for the street artists can improve, the culture of the people in Santiago needs to change. There needs to be more appreciation for not only the art, but also the performers that bring it to the streets.


Performance Studies | Sociology of Culture


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