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Wheaton College - Norton

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Spring 2008

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Mongolia: Culture and Development


The Mongolian bow, once the cornerstone of the largest empire in the world, has gone through changes in almost every period of history. At present much of its past glory has been lost to people even in Mongolia and while it technically remains as one of Mongolia’s three national sports it is of much less prominence than the other two, wrestling and horseback racing. Archery has become detached from its strong history and the sport finds itself in danger of extinction. The reasons for this are complex but can often be attributed to various archery associations which are run in a very hierarchical manner and usually do not collaborate on promoting their sport. If archery is to once again capture the attention of the general public and reinstitute itself as a major sport of Naadam, Mongolia’s national festival, changes must be made to make it appealing to modern Mongolians.


Regional Sociology | Sociology of Culture


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