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Claremont McKenna College

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Fall 2005

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The Balkans: Gender, Transformation and Civil Society


Srebrenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina is recreating itself. This municipality, located in the Republic of Srpska, is the setting of the 1995 genocide, which murdered 8,000 Muslim men and boys. Destroyed by the war, this municipality is rebuilding its economy, infrastructure and civil society from scratch. Srebrenica has made a large amount of progress in the past ten years, with the help of international and local donors. These donors have contributed millions of dollars to the effort. However, Srebrenica still faces many obstacles, namely, high unemployment, lack of physical infrastructure and poor attention to social welfare. While slow, progress is made everyday in Srebrenica. There are numerous people and organizations working toward its betterment and with time, and further financial investment, Srebrenica will once again be a prosperous community.


Economics | Growth and Development | Public Administration | Public Affairs


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