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DePauw University

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Spring 2008

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Samoa: Pacific Islands Studies


This essay is a collection of opinions and stories that deal with four major emotions, anger, happiness, sadness, and love. A collection of poetry that expresses those feelings as well as a set of original poetry written by the researcher are set into the text. The original poetry is an alternative medium that the researcher hopes will represent some of the views of the young adults of the Pacific concerning emotions and expression of emotion. The poems were inspired by surveys and interview responses, with hopes to create an image and feeling that may connect with Pacific voices. The group of creative pieces is meant to represent the perspectives and stories of the youth in dealing with emotion, but is not meant to directly represent one specific story, instead more of a collective identity. The research consists of eight personal interviews, a survey given out to forty-five students at the University of the South Pacific in Samoa, work with friends on music and poetry, and finally much time dedicated to creating the inspired works of music and literature. The paper and research is intended to give an outlet for a group of young adults to share their stories, their emotional experiences, and to have their perspectives heard.


Arts and Humanities | Rhetoric and Composition


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