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Hope College

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Fall 2009

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Switzerland: International Studies, Organizations and Social Justice


This paper includes working papers, UN official documents, corporate internal memos, scientific studies, international agreements, and interviews conducted with prominent persons or experts in the fields of biotechnology, the environment, trade, economics, sustainable development, intellectual property law, and international policy. Interviews were conducted in both English and French, and printed sources appeared in both languages as well.

The thesis of this paper strives to consider the various components of genetically modified organisms in their development, use, and ownership on a global scale, examining the biological and scientific backgrounds of them, the multi-national corporations who claim to own them, and the smaller countries and populations that deal with them on a daily basis.

The differences in opinion between scientists, industry, and some of the complications with international trade and environmental sustainability will be shown, and through examination and comparison of different aspects of the arguments over genetically modified organisms (GMOs), recommendations will be advised based on a thorough synthesis of the information available from extensive multidimensional research.


Agricultural and Resource Economics | Plant Sciences


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