Nairobi Youth Sexual Culture: Gaining Insight on Youth Understandings of Sexuality Through Formal Sexual Health Education and Exposure to Pornography

Amee Wurzburg, SIT Study Abroad

Kenya: Health and Community Development


This study examines the role of sexual health education and pornography in shaping youth views about sexuality. This paper reviews primary and secondary school textbooks to better understand the religious and abstinence-only framework of formal sexual health education. Internet cafes and DVDs are common ways youth access pornography, and this study contains interviews with internet café employees and video vendors to better understand how youth access pornography. Kenyan adolescents lack information about contraception and sexual consent, and pornography plays a role in shaping youth understanding about sexuality. Because of this, there is a great deal of misconceptions about sex and sexuality. This is seen with group interviews and anonymous surveys with youth at Miale Child Support, Carolina for Kibera, and Family Health Options Kenya. All of these findings, as well as a conclusion and some recommendations for further study on this topic, are presented in this paper