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Spring 5-23-2012

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Conflict Transformation

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Peace Building & Youth Empowerment


While I was working in Palestine, during the summer of 2011, I was able to learn about the impact of the Palestinian internal conflict on the Palestinian youth and their society. Palestinian youth in the city of Qalqeliah have openly expressed their frustration and disappointment regarding the political situation and the way this situation impacts their lives. They especially viewed the internal political conflict as a chief reason for the division of their society and perceived it as a threat to their future and their hope for peace. Many young Palestinians across the region repeatedly mentioned that they are exhausted and overwhelmed by living in an unstable political situation, mainly due to the internal conflict between the two dominion Palestinian political factions (Hamas and Fatah). Young people like those in Qalqeliah, which has been directly affected by the internal conflict, feel helpless because they cannot offer any help to change or improve the situation

Therefore, the five sessions training was created to offer Palestinian youth in the Qalqeliah region a unique opportunity to come together, not only to discuss the impact of the political situation. It aimed to enable youth to build and strengthen relations and to establish trust amongst themselves where they can work collectively on strategies that might bring peace and social harmony into their communities. The training brought together 30 young Palestinians; males and females and provided them with a safe space and sufficient time to express their ideas and reflect on their experiences without being judged. During the training, participants gained new knowledge and learned new skills that they apply into their real life. The practice of conflict analysis and dialogue was a unique opportunity that empowered youth to envision their active role in the process of change.


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