Copyright permissions have been obtained by all contributors to this collection.

Submissions from 2012

Organic Cacao Farming in Transamazônica: An Assessment of Sustainable Livelihood Development, Stephanie Cesario, University of Vermont

Submissions from 2011

The Role of Information in Enabling Community Response to Mining Threats in Palmares II, Christine Gerbode, Rice University

Sem Terrinhas No More: The Place of Second Generation MST Settlers in the Agrarian Reform Movement Sem Terrinhas Não Mais: A Posição da Segunda Geração dos Assentados do MST no Movimento de Reforma Agrária, Lorraine Keeler, University of Pittsburgh

Mapping Agroforestry Design in Project Tipitamba: The Influence of Spacing on Tree Growth, Joseph Lee, University of California, Los Angeles

Submissions from 2008

O Movimento dos Atingidos Pela Barragem de Tucuruí: Uma História Oral, Susan Beaty, Brown University

Study of a Self-Assessment System for the Ecotourism Group in Curuçá: Accounting for Tourist Opinions While Maintaining Initial Goals, Karina Hope Costa, Vassar College

Community-Based Income Generation: A Case Study of its Effects and Replicability in Urucureá, Santarém, Lucy Midelfort, College of William and Mary

The Stories of Juruti Velho, David Mittelman, Brown University

Alcoa in Juruti, Brazil: A Case of Environmental Injustice and Colonialism?, Caitlin Schroering, Denison University

What the Fish is Going on Here? Are Regulations Being Followed at the Ver-O-Peso Market in Belém, Para?, Neil Thompson, University of Vermont

Ações Para uma Melhor Vida: A Situação de Prostituição no Novo Eldorado de Juruti, Megan Whelan, Brown University

Submissions from 2007

The Microcredit Impact: The Evaluation and Effects of Microloans on Caboclos Communities of the Tapajós River, Robert Chew, Oberlin College

Predicting the Impacts of Serra Leste: a Case Study in Companhia Vale do Rio Doce’s Influence on Southern Pará, Jason Hayes, Colby College

A Caldron of Militancy: Construction of Feminine Consciousness in the Movimento Sem-Terra: A Community Study in Palmares II, Caroline Lamar Pihl, Harvard University

“Sustainable Soy” in Santarém: Power Struggles for the Future of Development, Jake Schoneker, Villanova University

Liberation Theology in the 21st Century: The Catholic Church, the CPT, and Rural Movements in Southern Pará, Eleanor Sharp, Oberlin College

Submissions from 2006

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: The Economic and Environmental Impacts of Commercial Fishing, Jessica Glenn, Bucknell University

Fire Making Fuel: How a Surface Fire in a Primary Forest Affected the Availability of Potential Fuel One Year Later, Alex Leckie, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Piecing Together Social and Environmental Priorities in the Ongoing Process of Community Development In the MST Assentamento of Palmares II, Clara C. Ward, Duke University

Submissions from 2004

A Comparison of Anuran Species Richness Between Primary and Secondary Forest in São Francisco do Pará, Michael Reichert, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill