Some Information on SIT Digital Collections

SIT Digital Collections is World Learning’s digital repository which is built and maintained by the library. If you have any questions about SIT Digital Collections please contact us by email at .

SIT Graduate Institute

  • Capstone Collection – papers written by students in the PIM department. Note that only students who have given us copyright permission to share their work have their Capstones in this collection. Papers written prior to July 2011: Full-text access is restricted to World Learning students, staff, and faculty. On-campus students do not need to login to access full-text but off-campus users must set up an account (from the “My Account” link at the top of the page) using an SIT or World Learning email account. Papers posted after July 2011: open to anyone.
  • International Education Conference - The annual International Education Conference showcases the work and research of on-campus and low residency SIT Graduate Institute International Education students and students taking the Institute's Theory and Practice of International Education course. The presentations reflect the content of student research papers representing the culminating product of work in international education for the fall semester. This collection is open to anyone.
  • IPP Collection – papers written by students in the Summer MAT program. This collection is open to anyone.
  • Sandanona - The Sandanona Conference is the culmination of the on-campus phase of the MAT program. Patterned after major language conferences, it occurs in the final week of the program. Students plan and present a professional presentation that explores in depth a chosen area in the field of second-language teaching/learning. This collection is open to anyone.
  • TDEL Training Projects Collection – papers written by students in the TDEL (Training & Design for Experiential Learning) class. Access to full-text is restricted to authorized users who have been added by the library. Current students are not allowed access. Anyone else who desires access should send an email with their name and email to

SIT Study Abroad

  • African Diaspora Project – Papers written by Study Abroad students about the African Diaspora. This collection is open to anyone.
  • ISP Collection - Research papers written by students on the Study Abroad programs. The 3 best papers from each program every semester are in here. This collection is open to anyone.
  • The CSP, or Community Service Project, is written by students from the undergraduate programs of SIT Study Abroad and relates to a program theme. The culmination of the CSP is typically a 8- to 12-page paper and an oral presentation, both in the target language. This collection is open to anyone.
  • The ISJ, or Independent Study in Journalism,is the focus and culmination of the MOJ program and is a major feature story in the student's preferred media format – print, video, audio, photography, and/or multimedia. The ISJ includes not only the feature story but also the student's story pitch along with reflections on the development & evolution of the story idea, sources, interviews, scenes, journalism ethics, potential media outlet and audience along with photos (if it is a print piece), and the student's reflections about what might have been done better in addition to potential story follow up. This collection is open to anyone.
  • ISP Collection by Program – Identical to the ISP Collection but categorizes the papers by the name of the program. This collection is open to anyone.

World Learning

  • Fostering Multicultural Competence and Global Justice: an SIT Symposium - Official site for the SIT Symposium including abstracts and schedules for conference proceedings.
  • SIT Occasional Papers - The SIT Occasional Papers Series is dedicated to advancing knowledge, skills, and awareness of theory and practice in the fields of intercultural communication, language education, training, and service.
  • World Learning Photo Contest Winners - The annual World Learning Photo Contest honors outstanding photographs taken on World Learning programs by alumni and participants of The Experiment in International Living, SIT Study Abroad, and SIT Graduate Institute. Recognizing that stories of World Learning people and programs around the world will be enhanced through the use of authentic photography, World Learning sponsors the contest to promote cross-cultural exchange and global understanding.
  • World Learning Publications – Includes publications written by SIT faculty and staff.

Selected Works

This showcases faculty and staff research. Some of the sites include links to full-text works, others do not. These pages are open to anyone.