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Submissions from 2012

Empowered Minds and Sterilized Bodies: The Decisions and Lived Experiences of Surgically Sterilized Women in Santo Antonio de Jesus, Leah Smith , Brandeis University

Submissions from 2011

Influence of Sexual Education on Sexual Behavior and Contraceptive Use Among 15 to 19 Year-Olds at Colégio Azevêdo Fernandes in Salvador, Brazil, Julia Still , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Submissions from 2010

Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence, Rebecca Bolden , University of Denver

Trapped in the Street: Defining the Health Care Use of the Homeless Adult in Salvador, Bahia, Nicole Lunardi , Johns Hopkins University

Submissions from 2009

The Impact of Brazil’s Bolsa Familia Program on Food Security in Santo Antônio de Jesus, Bahia, Mario Felipe Dest , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Submissions from 2007

Understanding Mental Health From a Candomblé Perspective, Kerilyn Daniel , University of Virginia

Submissions from 2006

Traditional Practices and Governmental Responsibilities: An Investigation Into the Evolving Partnership Between Indigenous Brazilian Midwives and State-Provided Maternal Healthcare Services, Caitlin Canfield , Carleton College

“Sou Doméstica:” Construções de Identidade e Saúde das Trabalhadoras Domésticas Salvador, Bahia Brasil, Jenny Fauci , Harvard University

Uma Doença Esquecida: A Falta de Conhecimento da Hanseníase no Brasi, Anders Gustafson , Davidson College