Copyright permissions have been obtained by all contributors to this collection.

Submissions from 2015

Tipping Point: A Study of Tourism and Development in Cizhong, Collin Bradley, University of Maine

Theravada Buddhism and Dai Identity in Jinghong, Xishuangbanna, James Granderson, Gettysburg College

Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Sustainable Food Sourcing: Dayutang Village, Hani Rice Terraces, Nina Whittaker, Kenyon College

Submissions from 2014

Women's Health and Abortion Culture in China: Policy, Perception and Practice , Naomi Bouchard, Johns Hopkins University

Imagined Communities: Changing Markets and the Implications for 21st Century Mali China Migration, Mamasa Camara, Spelman College

The Post-Industrial and the Urban Village: A Study of Land and Space in Beijing’s Caochangdi Art District, Ke Li, Columbia University

Singing With A Sanxian: A Study of The Principal Instrument in Bai Musical Tradition , Christian Stanbrook, Lewis and Clark College

The Power of China: An Analysis of China’s Energy Sources and the Case for Clean Energy, Lauren Vunderink, Connecticut College

Submissions from 2013

The Impact of the Chinese Rural Healthcare System on Infectious Disease: A Study of the History And Reform of Chinese Healthcare, And the Global Implications of Infectious Disease Control in China, John Barbadoro, Bates College

The Modern Status and Future of Dongba Religion, Chris DeLacy, University of Oregon

Tibetan Women Tailors: Sewing a Community of Tibetan Women Tailors, Charlotte Fleming, Williams College

Through Women’s Eyes The Development of Lijiang and Nakhi Cultural Change, Wyatt Gordon, Skidmore College

HIV/AIDS in Yunnan Province: A Study of Stigma and Support, Sofia Haile, Macalester College

Nurturing the Whole Body: The Benefits of Supplementing Tuberculosis Chemotherapy with Traditional Chinese Medical Practices, Rachel Levine, Bates College

Language Shift and Development: A Case Study of Zhongdian Southern Khams Language Vitality, Simon Peters, Portland State University

Submissions from 2012

Education Structures for Ecotourism: A Case Study on Shangri-La, Ruth Donaghey, Providence College

Tibetan Guozhuang in Diqing Autonomous Prefecture: A Comparative Musical Analysis, Christina du Breuil, Northwestern University

Manifestations of Tibetan Buddhism in Pudacuo National Park and its Effectiveness as an Environmental Education Tool, Ellen Martin, College of William and Mary

Dao De Qin: A Case Study of the Guqin, Dashiell H. Nathanson, University of Colorado at Boulder

The Expansion of Early Buddhism in Yunnan: The Grottoes of Shibaoshan, Audrey Pazmino, University of Colorado At Boulder

Submissions from 2011

The Influence of Family Structure on Women’s Role in Agriculture in Two Distinct Societies of Southwest China, Audrey Boochever, Cornell University

Yongzhi Village: An Example for Sustainable Tourism and Development in Deqin County, Kiersten Brown, University of Colorado At Boulder

尼西黑陶: A Study of Tibetan Black Pottery, Catherine Elliott, Bates College

Bai and Bilingual: Improving Academic Achievement Through Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Priscilla Hsu, Claremont McKenna College

Rise of the Veil: Islamic Modernity and the Hui Woman, Zainab Khalid, Mount Holyoke College

The Hui Migrant Laborers’ Urban Experience and Implications for the Development of Civil Society in China, Billy Yates, University of Texas at Austin

Submissions from 2010

Mental Models of the Nature of Language in Kunming, China, Ellie Ash, Stanford University

Tibetan Tantric Buddhism: Envisioning Death, Kathryn Coster, Trinity University

Caterpillar Fungus of the Tibetan Plateau, Lucas Crouch, University of Colorado At Boulder

Utopian Marketization and the Historical Fate of Rural Society: Sideng Village, Shaxi Township, Ilona Nanay, New York University

Living in Pain, Throwing Out Agony: A Health Study of the Rural Residents of Three Hani Zu Ethnic Minority Villages in Hong He Prefecture, Yunnan Province, Haley Newman, Tufts University

Banking for the Rich: A Case Study, Cindy Shuck, Georgetown University

Submissions from 2009

An Oriental Christ: A Perfect Condition After the State Was God, Thomas Nathaniel Eaves, Guilford College

National Parks in China: A New Model for Nature Conservation, Katherine Fritz, New York University

Weaving and Scheming: Adventures on Planet Mosuo, Melissa Judson, University of California: Los Angeles

“There are Beasts!” The Relationship Between Humans and Elephants in Xishuangbanna, Hannah Larson, Bowdoin College

Chinese Painting: Philosophy, Theory, and the Pursuit of Cultivation Through the Dao, Elizabeth Reynolds, Barnard College

Submissions from 2006

Dai Medicine: Preservation of and Changes in Ancient Healing Practices, Geoffroy Fauchet

Chinese Landscape Painting, Maria Gambarov, Williams College

Nixi: A Case Study of the Influences of China’s Economic Development on the Fringe of Tibet, Zachary Johnson, Plymouth State College

Climbing the Limitless Mountain: Daoism and the Internal Martial Arts, Sophie Kerman, Carleton College

Home on the Range: Case Study of Kham Nomadic Peoples and the Litang Region, Katelyn Ransom, Ithaca College

Submissions from 2005

“To Be a Doctor” The Hopes and Aspirations of the Children Attending Namu Elementary School, and the Obstacles That Block Their Paths to Obtaining Them., Lauren Burke, Connecticut College

Microcredit in the Rural Areas of Northwest Yunnan Province, China: Investigating the Operation of, Results of, and Obstacles to Microfinancial Institutions, Evan Hofmockel, University of Colorado at Boulder

The Role of Tibetan Buddhism and Culture in Sustainable Development (A Case Study of Yubeng Village), Frazer Lanier, Lewis and Clark College

Drowning Shangrila: Balancing Environmental Protection With Development in China, Tessa A. Vennell, Brandeis University

The Political Economy of Giving: Legitimacy, Welfare, and the Influence of Foreign NGOs in China, Nathan Wallace, Drake University

Submissions from 2004

Village Elections: Emergence of a Democratic Political Culture or Reinforcement of a Repressive Regime?, Laura Conniff, Columbia University

In Search of the Truth: Modern Church-State Relations in Yunnan Province, Kathryn Rosenbaum, Agnes Scott College

Environmental Sustainability and the Traditional Tibetan Home, Katherine Shrader, College of William and Mary