Copyright permissions have been obtained by all contributors to this collection.

Submissions from 2013

The Movement of a Movement: VETËVENDOSJE! and the Transition from Grassroots to Government, Helena Bruce, Macalester College

“Papa, should I tell you what I think of this exhibition, I would cry.” An Analysis of Visitor Impression Books at the Bosnian Historical Museum in Sarajevo, Amanda Lawnicki, Beloit College

Submissions from 2012

The ‘Narod’ in Narodnjaci: Perceptions of Turbo Folk in Contemporary Sarajevo, Uchechi Esonu, Bowdoin College

Serbian/Albanian Bilingualism in Kosova: Reversal or Entrenchment of the Curse of Babel?, Sarah Littisha Jansen, York Universite

Submissions from 2011

Building Houses, Making Homes: The Experiencing of Returning to Post-War Sanski Most, Claire Griffith, Grinnell College

ODUVEK (Since the Beginning): Roma Narratives of Continuous Discrimination and Perspectives on Identity, Marginalization, and Assimilation in Niš, Serbia, Erin Humphries, Washington University in St. Louis

The Identity of the Chinese in Belgrade: A National Question, Wan (Sabrina) Tsai, University of Texas at Austin

Submissions from 2010

Perceptions of the International Media in Post-Conflict Srebrenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Erin Murphy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“We Can No Longer Declare Ourselves a Multicultural City Until We Start Reacting to Things Like This” : Contextualizing the Violence at the 2008 Queer Sarajevo Festival, Sarah Schrag, Oberlin College

Reminding, Retelling, and Re-Remembering: The Evolution of Staro Sajmište, Its Future, and the Marginalization of the Holocaust in Serbian Public Memory, Benjamin Somogyi, Carleton College

Post-Independent Kosovo: From Prescriptive to Descriptive Identities, Marisola Xhelili, Skidmore College

Submissions from 2009

“We Didn’t Choose to Live in a Transition Society:” The Youth of Milošević’s Serbia Ten Years Later, Jessica Tsunami Acosta, Colby College

Yugonostalgia: The Pain of the Present, Claire Bancroft, Macalester College

Zoran Djindjic Remembered: The Formation of Collective Memories, Rebecca Gabrielle Porath Katz, Vassar College

Redrawing the Walls: Street Art in Belgrade, Emily Levitt, Washington University in St.Louis

Naši Narodi? Moji Identiteti: Four Youth Perspectives on National Identity in Post-Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jacob Seigel-Boettner, University of California at Berkeley

Submissions from 2008

Phoenix or Phantom: Residents and Sarajevo’s Post-War Changes, Katherine Marple-Cantrell, Columbia University

Submissions from 2006

Muslim Women’s Religious and Feminist Identities: A Study of Muslim Feminism in the Bosnian Context, María Lis Baiocchi, College of the Atlantic

Male Istine: A Collection of Short Stories and Prose Exhibiting Pre-War Lifestyles, Experiences, Ideals, & Memories, Adriana LeBaron, University of San Francisco

Submissions from 2005

Feministica: Creating Feminist Consciousness in the Former Yugoslavia, Meghan Boone, Trinity College

Identities in Dialogue: Deconstructing the Dynamics of Bošnjak-Muslim Identities in Novi Pazar, Christine M. DeBacker, Mount Holyoke College

What Do You See? Visualizations of Sexuality Among Young Women in Rijeka, Croatia, Annika Shore, Sarah Lawrence College

Submissions from 2004

BiH in Black and White: Photo-Diary of My Adventure Learning How NGO’s Anti-Trafficking Prevention Programs Work in Small Communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rebecca Johnson, University of Rhode Island