Copyright permissions have been obtained by all contributors to this collection.

Submissions from 2013

Bridge Across the Divide: Rewriting a New Historical Narrative in Derry~Londonderry, Elena Bilodeau, St. Michael's College

You, Me and Society: Political Theatre and Its Impacts, Holden Taylor, University of Washington-Seattle

Submissions from 2012

Sectarianism In Northern Ireland: Youth Work and the Art of Having the Difficult Conversation, Dan Knishkowy, Hamilton College

Student Voice in Integrated Schools: Advising Leaders in a Transitional Society, Nora Murphy, DePauw University

Death Squads and Diplomacy: An Investigation of British Attitudes Towards Sectarian Assassinations in the 1970’s, Hannah Nelson, Carleton College

Creating Transformation Through Art The Role Of Community Arts in a Transitioning Society Ballymun, Dublin and Belfast Northern Ireland, Katherine Power, Gettysburg College

Submissions from 2011

“It’s Just Not That Simple:” Territory and Politics at Girdwood Park, Kyra Fallon, Gettysburg College

Still Separate and Still Unequal: Community Relations’ Policy in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland, Wilma Metcalf, Duke University

The Cultural Legacy of the Williamite History in the Context of Northern Ireland, John William Nelson, Villanova University

A Field Study of Consociationalism in the Northern Ireland Assembly: A Moderating Influence or Threat to Democracy?, Ellen Louise Noble, Macalester College

Sandino Socialists, Flagwaving Comrades, Red Rabblerousers: The Struggle for a Left Praxis in Northern Ireland, Benny Witkovsky, Vassar College

Submissions from 2010

The Sand in the Oyster: A Study of Post – Trauma Storytelling as a Means of Facilitating Individual Healing and Impacting Societal Healing in Northern Ireland, Eliza Browning, Pacific Lutheran University

Policing With the Community, Dream or Reality: Perspectives of the Police Service of Northern Ireland in West Belfast, Tom Carey, Stonehill College

Out of Conflict Comes Creation: A New Era for Contemporary Music in Belfast, Martha Slenker, Gettysburg College

Submissions from 2009

Playing Past the Troubles: Theatrical Expression in a Post-Conflict Society, Jayce Hafner, Hendrix College

Dublin’s Forgotten: The Transition From ‘Separated Children’ to ‘Aged-Out Minors’ Through Policy, Media, and Organizational Support., Meghan Jaird, St. Michael's College

‘These Things Are Simply Very Difficult’: An Exploration of the Existence of and the Relationship Between Sectarianism and Racism in Present-Day Northern Ireland, Coreen Walsh, Point Loma Nazarene University

The Significance of Music Education in the Primary Curriculum, Mina Won, George Washington University

Submissions from 2008

Past Meets Present: History Education in Northern Ireland, Will Ehrenfeld, Tufts University

“Art as Direct Political Action:” An Investigation Through Case Studies and Interviews, Emily Meinhardt, Claremont McKenna College

“The Dust of Some”: Glasnevin Cemetery and the Politics of Burial, Nina Ranalli, Harvard University

Submissions from 2007

Sectarianism and Social Capital: Community Development in Northern Ireland, Becky Alhadeff, Western Washington University

Between Bottom Up and Top Down: The Truth-Recovery Debate in Northern Ireland, Suzanne Brundage, Bennington College

Power-Sharing, Stability and the May 8th Devolution Day, Christopher A, Walker, Washington & Jefferson College

Submissions from 2006

Out of the Darkness: A Look at Violence and Politics Through the Experience of the UVF, Alec Chiquoine, Beloit College

Here, There, and Everywhere: Tale-ing Liz Weir; Uses of Storytelling in Northern Ireland Today, Leanne Gaffney, Harvard University

Neutrality in Ireland: The War on Terror, the Use of Shannon Airport and the Irish Anti-War Movement, Margaret Havemann, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

State-Sponsored Terror and Security Force Collusion in Northern Ireland, Nate Keenan, St. Michael's College

Submissions from 2004

Citizenship in the Republic of Ireland: In the Context of the European Union and the Citizenship Referendum, Cora Bruemmer, University of Rochester

A Changing Church: Radical perspectives of Catholicism from the margins of society in Dublin, Caitlin Connelly, Ithaca College

The Maidens of the Maiden City, Lauren Herman, Cornell University

Multi-Culturalism in Ireland: Examining the Context of and Debates Surrounding the Citizenship Referendum, Melanie Todman, Carleton College